Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Child Sponsorship Program!

We have been working very hard to bring our newest program to fruition.  This being our child sponsorship program.  We believe that sponsorships will prvide the single best means for us make permanent change and transform communities that will thrive for generations to come.  

When you decide to sponsor a child, you are making a commitment to change a child’s life forever.  You will communicate, build a relationship, write letters, and watch this child grow up into a new world full of possibilities.  You will have the opportunity to watch their life be transformed not only physically and emotionally but spiritually as well.  You will also be helping the child’s family and community through sponsorships.  Our reason for existing is two-fold.  First, we have a great responsibility to spread the gospel and teach others about Christ; Second, we want to make permanent change and this is only possible if we help the community as a whole break the bondage of poverty.

Your sponsorship gifts make a profound impact on your sponsored child.  In addition to the physical transformation, you embody and portray the unconditional love that God teaches.

With your help we are able to concentrate on areas such as nutrition, education, health and economic development.  All of these areas are accomplished with Christ at the center.

Visit to learn more about how you can become a child sponsor!

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  1. This is awesome! I tweeted this so that more can be drawn into what God is doing.