Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Be Compassion and Hope for Others

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.   Matthew 25:40

How fortunate we are to live in a land of opportunities and possibilities. But, for many people around the world, opportunities are scarce at best. In too many cornes of the globe, hardworking men and women struggle mightily to provide food and shelter for their families.

If you want to be truly happy, you won't find it on an endless quest for more stuff.  You'll find it in receiving God's generosity and passing that generosity along.  Bill Hybels 

When we care for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, we follow in the footsteps of Christ. And, when we show compassion for those who suffer and are in need, we abide by the commandments of the One who created us. May we, who have been given so much, hear the Word of God....and may we follow it.    

Our challenge is to live each day not for ourselves but for the benefit of others. World change of magnificant proportions can be accomplished if each one of us simply does a small part.

Do all the good you can.  By all the means you can.  In all the ways you can.  In all the places you can.  At all the times you can.  To all the people you can.  As long as you can.  John Wesley  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Childrens Lives Being Changed

On our last trip to the Dominican Republic (February 18 - 25, 2011) we were able to acknowledge those children that have been sponsored.  That was an incredible honor for me to be able to spread encouragement and hope to these precious kids.  As we called a name and the child came forward you could see the joy and excitement on their face.  They understood what this meant.  They understood that someone far away cared enough to step outside of the box and put another human beings life ahead of their own.  They realized that being sponsored was an answer to their prayers.

Alondra being presented with
her Sponsorship Bible.
I recall one little girl specifically, her name was Alondra.  She was so sweet, when she came forward I kneeled down to congratulate her and present her with a new Spanish Bible.  She looked at me with a huge grin and took the Bible.  She held on to that Bible so tightly.  Throughout the day I would catch a glimpse of Alondra and she would still be holding on to the Bible.  It made me realize how much we take for granted.  Most of us probably have 2, 3 or more Bibles laying around the house that we never even use and yet this little girl was treating it like it was the best gift she has ever received.  I thought to myself, maybe it is. 

The highlight for me personally was when I had the priviledge to acknowledge the two children that my family has sponsored.  I can tell you that it was very emotional.  As happy as I was for them and as excited as I was to tell them they have been sponsored by me and my family, it was very difficult to keep my composure.  When I called the first one, a little girl named Maria, she came forward and I again got down a one knee and told her that me and my family decided to sponsor her.  I told her that she was very special, that God loved her and that we wanted to be a part of her life.  I told her that even though we lived so far away, we still loved her and wanted her to have a life full of potential, hope and dreams but more importantly we wanted her to have a life full of Christ.  She turned to me and wrapped her arms tightly around me and that's all it took.  I stood there, a grown man, breaking down and over-run with emotions that are difficult to describe.

After regaining some of my composure, I had to go through this all over again with our second child.  His name is Joelvi and let me tell you, he is cute as a button.  I repeated the process and feelings to Jeolvi and handed him his Bible, he also responded with a smile and gave me a big huge hug.  I have to say that I thought Maria had prepared me for what I would feel but when you feel those little arms around your neck there are no preparations that can overide the great sense of joy and compassion.  It is truly an amazing feeling to know you will make a difference in that childs life.  However, it goes the other way as well.  You would be amazed at how these children can profoundly impact and change your own life. 

I have seen first hand how important child sponsorship is and hope that others will choose to help a child by doing the same.  In just the first few weeks of this program being implemented we have 21 children being sponsored.  Our goal is to have every child that is currently in our programs sponsored by the end of this year.  That will mean that a total of 336 lives will be changed forever. 

Please visit to sponsor a child today!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Next Mission

We are gearing up for our next mission with a team from Mannford, Oklahoma and Franklin, Tennessee. We are blessed to have teams from many parts of America sharing in what God has for us in the Dominican Republic. The Oklahoma team has been started out of one man that took a Servant's Heart Ministry relief trip to Haiti last year, then a return trip to assist in establishing a food program in the DR. I believe that when you go to serve in this country, God does something in you that cannot be undone.

On this trip we will be doing a construction on the church building in Valla Hondito. We will build an awning for shade, tabkes and benches. The building that we use for church is about 900sqft with fragile walls and a dirt floor, but the Gospel is preached and children are being fed. Yes, they receive the food we deliver, but they also get the Word. We really want to change the lives of these children and their families. We will be really asking everyone to sponsor a child and really improve their current state and we will be faithful to deliver on necessary programs to help them to grow stronger and live healthier lives.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Child Sponsorship Program!

We have been working very hard to bring our newest program to fruition.  This being our child sponsorship program.  We believe that sponsorships will prvide the single best means for us make permanent change and transform communities that will thrive for generations to come.  

When you decide to sponsor a child, you are making a commitment to change a child’s life forever.  You will communicate, build a relationship, write letters, and watch this child grow up into a new world full of possibilities.  You will have the opportunity to watch their life be transformed not only physically and emotionally but spiritually as well.  You will also be helping the child’s family and community through sponsorships.  Our reason for existing is two-fold.  First, we have a great responsibility to spread the gospel and teach others about Christ; Second, we want to make permanent change and this is only possible if we help the community as a whole break the bondage of poverty.

Your sponsorship gifts make a profound impact on your sponsored child.  In addition to the physical transformation, you embody and portray the unconditional love that God teaches.

With your help we are able to concentrate on areas such as nutrition, education, health and economic development.  All of these areas are accomplished with Christ at the center.

Visit to learn more about how you can become a child sponsor!